Education and Training

Education and Training

 R 199,900
Who we are In a nutshell Boot Camp Academy-SA (BCA SA) offers professional family fitness and health training to its members with the goal of cont...
Category : Education and Training
Province : National
Total Annual Sales:  R 700,000
Profit Before Tax:  R 600,000
Assets:  R 30,000
ROI - Return on Investment:  300 %
Payback:  4 months
 R 450,000
7 Franchises established for the 2013 academic year - now open for franchises for 2014 Academic year. The business model was developed by an entre...
Category : Education and Training
Province : The Western Cape
Total Annual Sales:  R 2,352,000
ROI - Return on Investment:  50 %
Payback:  24 months
 R 5,800,000
Training centre for automotive trade in KZN, Johannesburg and new branch opening in Capetown. Fully accredited with Merseta as both training centre...
Category : Education and Training
Province : KwaZulu-Natal
Total Annual Sales:  R 3,300,000
Profit Before Tax:  R 2,000,000
Assets:  R 1,100,000
Payback:  24 months

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