Is your marketing NOT delivering results, No matter HOW much you spend? 

Marketing and sales should be the DRIVING force in your business. BUT, many times it lacks that SPECIAL oomph needed to make a difference in your business.

After spending THOUSANDS on marketing and NOT seeing any results you could get to the assumption that marketing simply DOES NOT work for you in your business! It is painful to see businesses spend good money on marketing and NEVER see a positive return on their investment!

I do not blame you for being a "skeptic about marketing". The BIGGEST challenge with marketing and sales is there are a LOT of moving parts. Just one of these parts could undermine ALL of your marketing and sales efforts ... and you might NEVER discover this! That is, until now ...

Introducing ... MARKETING RESCUE! A Marketing and Sales Business Optimization Development Program. A unique, overarching program to develop and improve your marketing AND sales from the inside - a full circle approach!

What will happen to your business when you start improving your business on ALL marketing and sales levels? A 10%, or 20% improvement could get you past breaking even. A 50% or 80% could make your business profitable, and a 120% or 150% improvement could just be what the doctor ordered!

What is Marketing and Sales optimization? It is the constant, systematic, tested approach towards improving your marketing to get BETTER results from your CURRENT marketing and sales efforts.

What does the Marketing and Sales Optimization include:

  • Marketing Plan Development (3 key areas, your ideal client, message and channels)
  • Review your current marketing and sales activities
  • Develop a laser focused lead generation campaign
  • Create a focused follow up sequence for your 3 P Clients (past, present, potential)
  • Monthly improvements and adjustments on your marketing and sales
  • Monthly review session

This marketing and sales development program is ideal for companies with a sales force, involved in larger sales transactions, operating on a national basis, or mainly in Gauteng. This is not ideal for one-man-armies, low value transactions, very local markets, multi-level marketing, finance or medical aid markets.

Need proof? Here are some results from customers and what they achieved:

  • Joan: Best month in 16 years!
  • Timothy: From 3000 to 12 000 subscribers in 12 months and more than double the sales!
  • Kobie: From R6 million to R17 million in sales the next year
  • Etiene: One lead lead to R30 000 of sales per month (on a budget of less than R5000 per month!)
  • Alida: Over 108 prospects in 44 days
  • Brian: Over 136 prospects for less than R3000

What makes the difference? Incremental improvements.

Here is the fundamental principle ... your current marketing and sales delivers results at a certain level. For instance, you get 20 leads per month and make 2 sales. What will happen, when you get 30 leads and make 5 sales instead of the usual 2? You MORE than double your business turnover. Going from 2 to 5 sales is a 250% improvement ... not a 3% improvement like most think (5% - 2% = 3%). This is the fundamental principle to improving your marketing and sales.

Your marketing and sales is the secret key to unlock cash flow in your business, if you know how ...

Thing is, MOST business owners are WAY to busy to do this. For the most part it is basic marketing and sales principles applied to the business on a consistent basis to see dramatic improvement in results! Yes, you can also do this ... but there is JUST too much on your plate for you to focus on. Don't you think it is time to FIX that leaking marketing and sales tap? You know it is there ... fix it!

What will the marketing rescue package entail?

  • Marketing plan creation (have a WORKABLE marketing plan)
  • Review of your current marketing
  • Graphic Design work
  • Corporate identity pack (get your brand right!)
  • Copywriter to review and update your marketing and sales materiall
  • Initial lead generation campaign development
  • Initial follow up marketing campaign development 
  • Website update with key pages for your business
  • 3 Hour training session on using systems and planned marketing activities

The initial development is a 2 to 4 week process from start to finish. This is not a LONG tedious process.

Monthly from R11,995 (includes R5000 monthly marketing budget for lead generation):

  • Monthly 1 hour review session
  • 4 Hours marketing and sales updates
  • Monthly promotional campaign
  • Google Adwords Management (instant traffic)
  • Social Media Management (awareness campaigns)
  • SEO (search engine optimization for more traffic)
  • CRM (customer management system to track leads, contacts and potential sales)
  • The development program is for a minimum of 6 months
  • Your marketing budget can be increased or decreased depending on results

Interested in optimizing your marketing and sales? Complete the form and we will contact you for a FREE, no obligation review to see if this is a right fit for you.

Time to fix that leaking marketing and sales tap - rescue your marketing today! Instead of closing your business with a business rescue, re-generate it with a marketing rescue.