Non Disclaimer Agreement

I hereby request more information on the business listing and I agree to this NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT. In consideration of hereinafter referred to as "Broker", providing me with the information on the business, I understand and agree: 1. Not to contact the respective business owner, employees, suppliers or customers except through Broker and not to disclose any information to any other party concerning this business. 2. Not to disclose any information regarding the business to any other person who has not also signed and dated this agreement, except to secure their advice and counsel, in which case I (we) agree to obtain their agreement to maintain such confidentiality. Information shall include the fact that the business is for sale plus any other data provided. 3. That information is provided by the seller or other source and is not necessarily verified by Broker. Understanding that, prior to entering an agreement to purchase the said business, I shall make such independent verification, as I deem necessary. 4. That all correspondence, inquiries, offers to purchase and negotiations relating to the purchase or lease of any business presented to me or affiliates I represent will be conducted exclusively through Broker. 5. I agree that should I buy, lease or come into possession of the above business listing, that I will protect the Broker(s) right to a commission or payment of fees. 6. I understand that the Broker has a listing agreement or contract with the owner or their authorized agent, which provides for a commission payment or other fee structure. I understand that if I interfere in any way with the Broker(s) contractual right to a commission or other payment of fees from the Seller, I may be personally liable for the payment of that commission. 7. I further declare that my financial position to purchase the business is as indicated as on the contact form.

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