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Our Top Business Offers
Hot Offer!!
 R 7,900,000
The farm is selling way below it's market value. The farm is located between the towns of Robertson and Worcester, comprises of 238 hectares of uns...
Assets:  R 14,400,000
Hot Offer!!
 R 25,700,000
A last chance to invest R2 570 000 in a specialised services company. The company has a very strong management team and committed high level board ...
Category : Services
Province : National
Profit Before Tax:  R 17,600,000
ROI - Return on Investment:  68 %
Payback:  18 months
Hot Offer!!
 R 195,000
Fantastic small business opportunity available nationwide. On offer is a turnkey business opportunity that requires a small initial investment with...
Category : Franchise Resales
Province : National
Total Annual Sales:  R 300,000
Profit Before Tax:  R 240,000
Stock:  R 35,000
Assets:  R 195,000
ROI - Return on Investment:  150 %
Payback:  8 months
Hot Offer!!
 R 7,500,000
Well established with large customer base, operating successfully for 15 years. Hands on management not required as there is a well qualified staff...
Category : Manufacturing
Province : Gauteng
Total Annual Sales:  R 14,500,000
Profit Before Tax:  R 2,545,164
Stock:  R 1,500,000
Assets:  R 1,725,000
ROI - Return on Investment:  34 %
Payback:  30 months
Hot Offer!!
 R 110,000
I have 21 adult retail stores to be sold individually, priced from R110,000 up to R550,000 plus stock. Stock value for the stores is valued at be...
Category : Retail
Province : National
ROI - Return on Investment:  62 %
Payback:  17 months
Hot Offer!!
 R 499,900
“My Soap Factory Shop ” offers individuals the opportunity to own a small, but cost effective, manufacturing business with an immediate market , on...
Category : Wholesale and Distribution
Province : National
Total Annual Sales:  R 3,300,000
Profit Before Tax:  R 800,000
Stock:  R 100,000
Assets:  R 100,000
ROI - Return on Investment:  160 %
Payback:  8 months
Hot Offer!!
 R 1,000,000
The business has been operating for 22 years from the same premises, with a very low rent of 5.6% to turnover – The business is well known and...
Category : Franchise Resales
Province : The Western Cape
Total Annual Sales:  R 4,200,000
Profit Before Tax:  R 480,000
Stock:  R 40,000
Assets:  R 250,000
ROI - Return on Investment:  48 %
Payback:  25 months
Hot Offer!!
 R 1,200,000
This a business that has been operating since 1994 with a excellent reputation in the manufacturing and installation of marble kitchen and cou...
Category : Manufacturing
Province : The Western Cape
Total Annual Sales:  R 3,100,000
Profit Before Tax:  R 660,000
Stock:  R 10,000
Assets:  R 100,000
ROI - Return on Investment:  50 %
Payback:  24 months
Hot Offer!!
 R 1,650,000
A well run restaurant in Franchhoek has come onto the market, due to the owner emigrating. The restaurant is located in a super spot. It has been i...
Total Annual Sales:  R 1,820,000
Profit Before Tax:  R 650,000
Stock:  R 20,000
Assets:  R 325,000
Hot Offer!!
 R 650,000
WELL RUN POWDERCOATING BUSINESS. In business for more than 6 years, with a good customer base. The ideal business for someone with some technical s...
Category : Engineering
Province : The Western Cape
Total Annual Sales:  R 900,000
Profit Before Tax:  R 290,000
Stock:  R 58,000
Assets:  R 300,000
ROI - Return on Investment:  45 %
Payback:  27 months
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